At Eastside Mitsubishi, we have partnered with Carbar, a mobility tech provider that’s offering something new to provide our customers with a new way to own a car !

Using Carbar’s market-leading car subscription service, you pay a weekly fee to enjoy exclusive use of a vehicle complete with insurance, registration, servicing and roadside assist bundled in. There's no lock-in contracts and you only need to give 2 weeks’ notice to swap or cancel a subscription. It has never been easier to drive what you want, when you want.

How Car Subscription works?

Forget about...

Financing with depreciation, interest and balloon payments; insurance, rego and all the other ongoing costs. We take care of all that for you. You’ll need to pay for fuel and tolls though.

Find your car online

Browse our range of quality used vehicles

Provide Some Documents

We just need a few standard documents to process your subscription. fill out a few details online and a subscription team member will be in touch with you shortly !

Pick up or delivery

You can arrange to pick up your car or have the vehicle delivered to you within 50kms of Melbourne.

Change as you need

The car is yours 24/7 and you can switch cars or end your subscription if your needs change. Our subscription team just need 2 weeks’ notice.

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What will I need to subscribe?

  • We just need a few standard documents to process your subscription.
  • Australian Drivers License or Australian Passport or International Passport, and,
  • Australian Medicare card or Citizenship Certificate or Immigration Card
  • 3 Months of bank statements
  • Complete a driver declaration

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